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About The Project


This project seeks to commemorate and celebrate the building of the original Rabbit Proof Fence in WA, now known as The State Barrier Fence. In its entirety, the fence ran for a total of 3,250 kms, from near Esperance in the South to Condon in the North West coast of WA.


It was an enormous achievement of human endeavour, endurance and ultimately, huge personal sacrifice, on the part of those who worked on it and their families left at home for so many long and lonely months. Originally designed to keep rabbits at bay it deserves its place in the World wide Hall of Fame, alongside the more internationally renowned monuments such as the Great Wall of China, which it exceeds, as the longest continuous fence in the World.


It is our intention as the designers of this special project to commemorate this huge achievement and thereby, it’s most essential ingredient: the people of WA who laboured, suffered and endured the most appalling conditions and privations in order to protect our State from the total devastation which threatened to engulf it.


Long may their memory live and indeed, as we would say of any stalwart soldier who fought to protect his Country - "Lest we forget"- their contribution to the building of our great State of Western Australia.


However large or small, our design emulates the meandering progress of the fence itself, suddenly appearing in small outback communities and ultimately forming a chain of hexagonal artworks: symbolic windows into the past. Each assemblage is unique to its location, while connecting these communities, culturally, historically and socially. Through these vehicles, many almost forgotten stories can be told. These links from the past to the future will run like the fence itself through 34 WA Shires for 3,250 km. This is a grand vision which you are invited to be a part of.


Our designs include such elements as


Hexagonal Modular Sculptures,

Interpretive Centres

Information Bays



The opportunity is therefore yours to be part of this great project, encompassing the entire State of Western Australia. Each community along the Rabbit Proof Fence has its own unique story to tell. Due to the mathematical properties of the ubiquitous hexagonal shape, every designed section of this great project will be individualised for each local community by Smith Sculptors in consultation with the local stakeholders.


Individual  Design Elements


Hexagonal Modular Sculptures

These take the form of large hexagonal modular sculptural units and combinations of units containing images, symbolic of the history of The Rabbit Proof Fence and other relevant symbolism pertinent to each specific location. They can form entry statements into towns or stand at important locations such as supply depots etc.





Interpretive Centres:

Sketch concepts have been developed for  Interpretive Centres/Museums. These are  envisaged as a repository for existing historical artifacts and memorabilia relating to the Rabbit Proof Fence. It will work in conjunction with the virtual museum set up on this website.





Information Bays:

Concepts have been developed for Information Bays which, in co-ordination with the sculptural elements and signage and will serve to identify the relevant node points in conjunction with the larger design elements and will provide rest stops and shelter for travellers. They have been designed to symbolise the ' humpies ' which were originally built along the fence by the boundary riders as  their only shelter and accommodation.






Concepts have been developed for Signage which, in co-ordination with the sculptural elements will serve to identify the relevant node points of the project in conjunction with the larger design elements. The signage element will serve to connect all the various artworks along newly developed trails but also incorporating the myriad of existing ones throughout the region, which are the result of enormous effort by local communities over many years.