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Artist's Concept


The design concept created by Smith Sculptors

The Design Concept for the Rabbit Proof Fence Commemorative Project is based upon a simple modular hexagonal unit ( Hexagonal Modular Sculptures )  , capable of multifarious combinations and expansion, like the fence itself. Even though the fence was originally enormous as a total entity, its essential functionality was based upon this basic wire hexagon. The mathematical properties of the hexagon allows for infinite expression, from the smallest to the largest scale, while still retaining its graphic integrity. It is worth remembering that it took millions of these wire frames to stop millions of rabbits.


Starting from this key ‘building block‘, hexagonal units have been developed, forming a ‘grid’ into which are set simple but evocative ‘glimpses’, cut as silhouettes in plate steel, of the history and drama associated with the huge effort that went into the construction of these barrier fences.


Further the Hexagonal theme has been developed to encompass all the other associated elements of the project from Interpretive Centres/Museums to Signage.


The size of these images has been scaled in order to be easily comprehended, especially when assembled in groups, from a moving vehicle either on a major highway or country road. Beginning at Cunderdin, the Art Screen  becomes a visually informative journey through time, celebrating this unique iconic achievement, educating the observer when viewed while travelling, yet still intriguing enough to stimulate closer inspection. Ultimately, the aim of this artwork is to create an instantly recognizable unifying ‘corporate image’ which can be developed in a myriad of different ways, from tourist print media, signage, insignia and even giftware and jewellery: the potential is endless.


In this contemporary expression, The Rabbit Proof Fence, built and maintained in hardship and labour, can now evolve into a new and exciting role, linking the many varied communities of this great State of Western Australia in far flung places from north to south, in a chain of friendship and shared identity.


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About The Artists -

Joan Walsh-Smith & Charles Smith of Smith Sculptors

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