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How it Works


Design Plan :

Smith Sculptors will visit a shire, town, locality/group who are interested in becoming involved in this project, to make a presentation and give a general idea of what it consists of and how it can be implemented locally. From this, they will then gather information pertaining to the local/ specific area or region involved: This will be based on input from:

The Shire Councils
Local Historic Societies
Tourist office - information Centres

Interested groups such as


Through general discussion and community involvement this information will be gathered to initiate the project.  Although the vision for the project in its entirety encompasses all aspects related to the Fence, including trails and signage, information bays and Interpretive Centres/Museums, the project should be initiated by the construction of the sculptural Fence elements.


Individual  Design Elements to discuss may include

Hexagonal Modular Sculptures

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Interpretive Centres

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Information Bays

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Smith Sculptors will then coordinate the information and respond with a design-plan, incorporating community input, and return with artwork suggestions based on this information. From this, they will develop concepts which will be a synthesis of local knowledge and history. This will be developed by Smith Sculptors into designs suitable for an artwork based on the original hexagon format, culminating in the artistic expression of this information. In order to keep the’ core ethos’ of the concept which is basically that of the Fence itself, it is important to recognize that an overall view must be kept in mind visually, of the Fence as it threads it’s way through the length of the 34 Shires for 3,256 kilometers. In this way a narrative will be woven, telling the overall story of the Herculean effort to build and maintain the Rabbit Proof Fence, but also thereby to individualize each location within the overall context of the integrated design.


It is important to emphasize at this stage that this is not an artwork commission as such . Each Community will in effect, be purchasing a prefabricated element of an overall branded product, which will be individualized for their locality.


Project implementation Process:

The design vehicle is based on the hexagon which is the ultimate expression of the Rabbit Proof Fence. It took millions of hexagons to keep out millions of rabbits. This has been produced in the form of a steel Template of predetermined size, 1500mm high, but which can be assembled into many combinations and varying forms, using the half- size hexagons as well. However, it is envisaged that a group of at least 3-5 as a minimum, will be involved in each instance, to give an impression of the actual Fence concept, which is the basic building block or fabric upon which the whole scheme is based. This is essential to maintain the ‘feel’ of the Fence, and the overall visual continuity of the entire project. This also should include some element of the’ Rabbit’ graphic as well as the Fence ‘posts’. The hexagon assembly and the graphic steel laser- cut images within them, have a wide degree of latitude as far as the inclusion of symbolism. This may also encompass other historic or relevant issues from a particular area, and not only stories related to the Rabbit Proof Fence. Through this approach, a completely unique local expression within the overall ‘template,’ is possible.


Implementation & Installation:

Smith sculptors will design an individual artwork for a particular community using their basic ‘off the shelf’ Hexagon ’product’. This will also involve a site survey and response to the site, in order to keep the cohesion and general ‘branded’ overview of the project intact. Again, the design of each project will encompass the various practical requirements for implementation on a specific site.


In respect of the interpretive centres and other design elements mentioned, the core ' hexagonal ' design will be carried through as a ubiquitous design as a feature symbolic of the whole project.