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The ' Rabbit Proof Fence Commemorative Project ' (RPFCP)


Dedicated to the Men and Women who built and maintained the Longest Fence in the World - We learn from their endurance!


This project seeks to commemorate and celebrate the building of the original Rabbit Proof Fence in WA, now known as The State Barrier Fence. In its entirety, the fence ran for a total of 3,250 kms, from near Esperance in the South to Condon in the North West coast of WA.


Cunderdin Inaugral Project


The Shire of Cunderdin which played a significant role in the development and maintenance of the Rabbit Proof Fence, as the central depot for Fence No.2, will now play another major role in this exciting commemorative project. Stage One of the Rabbit Proof Fence Commemorative Project has been inaugurated by the Cunderdin Historical Society to celebrate and commemorate the enormous achievement of the building, maintenance and functioning of the Rabbit Proof Fence. Cunderdin will be the home and heart of this singular monument that is planned to expand throughout the length of the entire fence.


Design Concept for Cunderdin


How can each Shire be part of this unique World class commemorative project ?


However large or small, the opportunity is there for your Shire to be part of this great Project
encompassing the entire State of Western Australia. Due to the mathematical properties of the ubiquitous hexagonal sculpted shapes of the proposed design, every sculpted section of this remarkable venture will be individualised for each locality by Smith Sculptors in consultation with the local Community.


These concepts include such design elements as Hexagonal Modular Sculptures,Interpretive Centres, Information Bays, Signage, Tourist Trails,and are designed to capture the local historical social narrative, thus expressing the unique qualities of each community while linking them to the project as a whole. Other elements of local history would also be included.


' An opportunity to be part of potentially the largest commemorative sculpture project in the World '